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ME-GI 620 x 230

Dear Gentlemen.

Thank you for participating. We are pleased to provide you with the presentations held at the seminar.


Presentations from the User Forum October 2017

01 Welcome and emision Chalmers 2017 final PDF4.23 MB Download
02a EEDI-2017PDF3.24 MB Download
02b LRM-2017PDF2.96 MB Download
02c BSR-2017PDF911.37 KB Download
02d MPP-2017PDF983.13 KB Download
02e PTO-layout-guidance-2017PDF505.49 KB Download
03 Efficiency Improvements To Main Engine Auxiliary Systems - ChalmarPDF3.26 MB Download
04 2-Stroke Diesel Engines and alternative gaseous fuelsPDF3.31 MB Download
05 Flexrod_ChalmersEventPDF1.74 MB Download
06 Piston ringsPDF3.53 MB Download