• Sep 22, 2004

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    Heading for 30,000 Operating Hours on HFO GenSets
    A 12-page paper, based on customer feedback: CP Ships (UK) Limited has achieved a very promising 24,000 hours operating interval with MAN B&W Holeby L28/32H GenSets, and the owner is now heading for 30,000 hours before the main overhaul.
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  • Oct 08, 2002

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    Installation Aspects of MAN B&W Main and Auxiliary Enignes
    When the required vessel power profile has been evaluated and determined, both with regard to propulsion load and electrical load, the next step is to design the engine room configuration so that it will also be optimal with regard to installation, operation and maintenance. MAN B&W Holeby has not only looked at this as an isolated case for the L16/24 type auxiliary engines but, as described in the following, has also looked at it in relation to the MAN B&W twostroke main engine on board.
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