GenSet_manThe MAN Diesel & Turbo product development strategy is to design GenSet solutions that produce energy at the lowest possible cost per kWh without compromising on quality.

This strategy requires a resolution of the conflicts inherent in five key market requirements:

  • operation on the cheapest fuel
  • easiest possible daily maintenance procedures 
  • longest safe intervals between overhauls
  • unlimited load patterns
  • worldwide environmental regulations.

Over many years, MAN Diesel & Turbo has achieved the right balance between these requirements by applying an innovative approach to engine and generator design. This approach has ensured MAN GenSets a substantial global market share.

Indeed, we believe that our current product range is unsurpassed in terms of performance, reliability and economy.


Fuel economy
The basis for a superior operating economy is a low fuel consumption across the entire load range, combined with a uni-fuel concept.

The uni-fuel concept – the running of GenSets on the same heavy fuel oil as used by the vessel’s propulsion engine – is the result of a continuous development programme. MAN Diesel & Turbo is an industry pioneer in this development area, and has therefore gained a unique market position.


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